• AD 325

    Christians settling down at Thumpamon the ancient Christian centre.

  • AD 717

    The foundation laying of Thumpamon Martha Mariam Church in the name of Holy Mother Mary.

  • AD 900

    (kollavarsham Malayalam Year 75)

    Reconstructing in the Church.

  • AD 1175

    (kollavarsham 350)

    On Chingam 15th the day on which Holy Mother ascended to Heaven,� in the land which the King of Pandalam Donated, the foundation �stone was laid for the present Church.

  • AD 1185

    (kollavarsham 360)

    Completion of the church on line with the elephant door, the stone cross ercted on a lamp �post with 34 stone lamps. Since the construction of the church has the blessings of the Holy Mother Mary, Yukno, (an icon of the Holy Mother Mary and the infant Jesus) was made of deodar wood and it was covered with gold and silver and installed on the main altar.

  • AD 1599

    (kollavarsham 774)

    The representatives �from Thumpamon church attended the Synod at Udayamperoor.

  • AD 1653

    (kollavarsham 828)

    In protest againt the incident of drowning the Holy Patriarch Simon Mar Ignatius Ahattullah at the Cochin take, representatives from Thumpamon Church also took part in the Koonan Cross Pledge.

  • AD 1654

    (kollavarsham 829)

    On Makarm 3rd along with the perunal in memory of the Holy Mother Mary for the seeds, the death anniversary of the Holy Patriarch, Simon Mar Ignatius �hattullah is also being celebrated.

  • AD 1875

    (kollavarsham 1050)

    Antiochian Patriarch his Holiness Peter III and the translator, Geevarghese Remban, Saint Gregorios of Parumala) making their first visit to Thumpamon.

  • AD 1876

    Organising Thumpamon Diocese, Mulanthuruthy Synod Proclaims Thumpamon Martha Mariam Church as the Diocesan Cathedral

  • AD 1876

    (kollavarsham 1051)

    The first Metropolitan of� Thumpamon Diocese, His Grace Konat Mar Yulios took up the diocesan administration and stayed ar Pallimeda (1876-1884)

  • AD 1884�

    (kollavarsham 1059)

    �St. Gregorios of parumala took up the administration of the Diocese and stayed at pallimeda (1884-1902).

  • AD 1885

    (kollavarsham 1060)

    Because of the prayer of the saint Parumala Thirumeni the people of Thumpamon got cured from the terrible illness, small pox.

  • AD 1895

    (kollavarsham 1070)

    St. Gregorios of parumala went to Jerusalem after entrusting the administration of Thumpamon diocese to the metropolitan His grace Alwaris Mar Yulios.

  • AD 1896-97�

    (kollavarsham 1071-72)

    St Gregorious of Parumal changed the front view� of� the church and named it "KochuJerusalem".

  • AD 1902

    (kollavarsham 1077)

    His Grace Pulikottil Joseph Mar Dionysius II, took over the� Rule of Thumpamon diocese after the dath of the Saint Parumala Thirumeni and stayed at pallimeda (1902-1909).

  • AD 1909

    (kollavarsham 1084)

    His Holiness Vattasseril Geevarghese Mar Dio**ysius took up the charge of Thumpamon diocese with Thumpamon Church as the Centre(1909-1912).

  • AD 1912

    (kollavarsham 1087)

    His Grace Yuyakim Mar Ivanios took up the administration of Thumpamon diocese with Thumpamon church as the centre(1912-1925).

  • AD 1925

    (kollavarsham 1100)

    His Holiness, Geevarghese II Bava , took up the administration of thumpamon Church as the centre.

  • AD 1930�

    (kollavarsham 1105)

    �His grace Geevarghese Mar philoxenos (Puthenkavil Kochuthirumeni) took up the administration of Thumpamon Church as the centre.

  • AD 1932

    (kollavarsham 1107)

    The Parish assemble was held under the leadership of His Holliness Vattasseril Thirumeni and His Grace� Puthenkavil� Kochuthirumeni and decision was taken to put an end to the Kaistani rule. The rules for parish administration were formed and the elected� members took up charge of the church administration.