Bala Balikasamajam

BALASAMAJAM is the student portion of the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church. Balasamajam aims at the integrated personal development of the youth in the Church. The main objectives are worship, study and virtuous life among all the boys and girls inside the Church.. The Balasamajam was organized on an all Malankara basis in 1982.

Through this programme, an all round development of personality of the children is accomplished as they are encouraged to study the Holy Bible, the tradition and history of the Church along with their academic studies. The life history of Saints of the church presented before them develops in them a spiritual and moral life aiming the service for the society.

The Samajam through its activities encourages the children to participate regularly in the Sunday Schools and Church services. Every child between the age of 5 and 15 years are supposed to be its members.

Annual meets, annual camps, Bible study classes, competitions in various subjects, pilgrimages, tours, humanitarian services and educational counselling can arranged at the Central, Diocesan and parish levels. At the parish level at least once in a month , the balasamajams can meet and arrange songs, bible reading, talks, worship and choir practice, reading relating to ideal biographic and science, retreat, regular participation in the Eucharist, various lecture sessions (religious and materialistic), debates on the promotion of health and humanitarian activities.